The crisis caused by the COVID-19 has amplified social exclusion, especially for people belonging to difficult socio-economic backgrounds
Emotional Intelligence may come to help in mitigating particularly difficult life events and the impact on mental health.
EI is also looked upon as one of the most valuable employability skills and that, in the future, will be in higher demand across industries and companies.

About the project

It is getting more common to hear about the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in several aspects of our everyday lives, from a personal perspective to a professional level. According to several studies in the field, “people with high EQ are 7.6 times more likely to have high outcome scores” when we consider effectiveness, relationships, wellbeing & quality of life. The project’s main objectives are to support adults with fewer opportunities, i.e., belonging to socially disadvantaged backgrounds, unemployed, facing economic and geographical obstacles, belonging to ethnic or national minorities, immigrants, refugees, adults with disabilities, to develop abilities in managing their emotions and becoming more resilient emotionally.