EI4Future in Potenza, Italy: what has been done?


EI4Future in Potenza, Italy: what has been done?


Potenza, the capital of the Province of Potenza and the Basilicata region, was the chosen location for the second transnational meeting of the EI4F Project.

After a short guide throughout the installations of our Italian partners’ office, the partners (Turkey (Eurasia), Austria (VAEV), Greece (InnovED) and Spain (Ikigai and Indepcie) started to get down to work. The leader of the First Project Result, Mehmet from Eurasia, presented the provisional version of the handbook to the rest of the partners. The Handbook “EI4Future- from Emotional Management to Emotional Resilience” consists of 8 modules and a self-assessment quiz at the end of each chapter. As complementary materials to the handbook, the partners developed 9 games that will serve as practical and enjoyable materials to practise the content from the handbook.



Finally, the partners gave their feedback and congratulated Mehmet for his great work. As the next steps to follow, the consortium agreed to conduct a peer review or crosschecking among partners to evaluate the consistency of the handbook. After this, both the handbook and the card games will be translated into the national languages of each organisation: German, Greek, Turkish, Italian and Spanish.

This productive discussion was followed by a relaxing coffee break in which partners had the chance to converse and get to know each other more, which was followed by the presentation of the Second Project Result by the Italian partner Antonino from Godesk.

Antonino gave an overall presentation of Project Result 2: a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) with the main topics addressed in the first result. The MOOC will include PPTs, tests, quizzes, forums, and self-assessment and evaluation forms as the main methods. Partners agreed that the video texts and voice-over will be in English and subtitles will be translated into the national languages.

To end the productive morning, the partners headed to a typical Lucanian restaurant to taste some of the most typical and traditional dishes of the Basilicata region. Finally, the last part of the meeting was dedicated to addressing issues related to management (by Indepcie), quality (by InnovED) and dissemination (by Ikigai and Vaev). Partners agreed on the dinner for that night and group photos were taken, which marked the end of this fruitful meeting. We all look forward to the next meeting in Bursa, Turkey!

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