3rd TPM of the #EI4FUTURE in Bursa, Turkey


? Exciting update from the EI4FUTURE project! ?✨

We recently concluded our third transnational meeting in beautiful Bursa, Turkey. ??✨ It was an incredible gathering where INDEPCIE, EURASIA, VAEV, IKIGAI, and INNOVED joined us in person, while GODESK participated online. ?

During the meeting, VAEV shared valuable insights about the upcoming educational videos. They provided detailed information on their creation process and techniques. ?✏️ Meanwhile, GODEKS enlightened us on making the materials interactive, ensuring an engaging learning experience. ?

We’re thrilled to announce that these videos will be brought to life using the popular animation creation website, Powtoon! They will be translated into our partner languages, making them accessible to all. ?? Additionally, to promote inclusiveness, the videos will feature voiceover. ?✨

After the productive first phase, we treated ourselves to a delightful evening at a local restaurant, indulging in the rich flavors of traditional Turkish cuisine. ?️ Our partners thoroughly enjoyed this cultural experience! ?❤️

In the second phase of our meeting, we discussed Quality, Dissemination, and Risk. We thoroughly reviewed the project proposal and finalized the tasks for the upcoming phases. ??✅

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting journey of educational innovation! ??



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